Volunteer Centre Slough is at the heart of volunteering in town. We promote volunteering and support local voluntary organisations. We promote voluntary roles and match potential volunteers. Currently our priorities are to recruit volunteers, support their well-being and resilience and help find pathways to paid employment. We also provide additional help for supported volunteers through WAVE - Wider Access to Volunteering.

Why the community needs us

Slough has a wonderfully diverse community we have a strong voluntary sector representing all sections of the community. We help local people find a volunteering role where they can contribute and feel more part of Slough.We offer free training for volunteers. Volunteers #makingadifference network seeks to connect volunteers from across the town. Volunteers make friends, learn new skills and play a crucial part in helping vulnerable people, young or older and keeping our parks beautiful.


Our impact on the community

The impact of the work that our volunteers do, is priceless. There would be no voluntary sector without our volunteers - They are the heart beat of every charity, community group and voluntary sector organisation everywhere. Their sense of humour, commitment and dedication to local services and people is second to none. We help people gain the necessary skills and confidence to volunteer and feel a part of their community but the volunteers are the ones who touch the lives of others everyday.



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